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Telemonitoring Services
Telemonitoring Services
Telemonitoring Services

Telemonitoring Services

Telemonitoring Services

Biometric Telemonitoring

  • Blood pressure, heart rate, pulse, blood glucose, body temperature, weight, O2 saturation, peak flow, FEV1, ECG, heart, lung and bowel sounds, etc.
  • Data uploaded by mobile network, WiFi or landline telephone—no technology required in patient’s home

Video eVisits

  • Conversation between patient and PI in HD video
  • Assess mood, affect, gait, speech, posture, skin tone, eye-hand coordination, etc.
  • Stethoscope
  • Maintains patient-PI relationship
  • Train and observe patient self-monitoring

Push ePRO

  • Questions pushed to patient by phone or secure text for better compliance
  • Structured and open-ended questions
  • Branching logic increases specificity without undue patient burden

Medication Adherence Monitoring

  • Pills, inhaled medication and liquids
  • Monitor injections by video observation
  • Audible and visible reminders
  • Immediate alert to study staff when a dose is missed
  • IVR and SMS text reminders to patient when a dose is missed
  • Adherence data enables dose-response calculation

Physical Activity Monitoring

  • Smart device with tri-axial accelerometer and GPS measures activity
    over multiple days
  • Eliminates spot-test bias due to fatigue or the stress of travel to a study site

Mobile Nurse

  • Injections and blood draw for labs
  • Ultrasound, plethysmography and ecg
Telemonitoring Services

Consulting Services

Consulting Services
  • Introduction to telemonitoring for clinical trials
    • Sponsors, CROs and independent investigators
  • Protocol optimization for telemonitoring
    • Original protocol design
    • Adaptation of existing protocols
    • Distressed studies
  • Site training
  • Implementation
  • QC and QA
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